Exciting times ahead! The Amsterdam Salon moves away from its usual locations and pops up at unexpected places, bringing along its intimate Salon ambience and challenging repertoire. The first “Amsterdam Salon Pop Up” will take place December 19th. Rosanne Philippens will join forces with Dutch actor Bas Keijzer this night. Bas will tell stories based on his podcast about 88 year old Annet, and Rosanne will provide music fitting his little stories. A night of intimate theater, classical music and improvisation!

We pop up behind closed doors, in a former youth prison, now a closed youth care institution: De Koppeling. For a night,part of it will be tranformed into a Salon. De Koppeling is about to become a living campus for young adults with all different backgrounds. In December, however, you have the chance to visit it in its current state as closed youth care institution, enjoying a fresh Salon program.

Reserve your spot below! We’d like to ask you to reserve a separate spot for each visitor, with first and last name.

Entrance = free. Donations are highly appreciated!

Next Concert

Salon #11

Wednesday December 19

Start concert: 8 pm

                                                                                  Doors open: 7.30 pm

Where? De Koppeling, Tafelbergweg 8

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Donations for the salon are always welcome, on
NL28 RABO 0181 0886 57, Stichting Rosanne Philippens