The Amsterdam Salon is a concert series, organized by Rosanne Philippens.

Rosanne and her friends from all over the world will come together in a living room setting, to play classical chamber music in a relaxed atmosphere, open for all types of audiences. Regular pianist of the salon is French pianist Francois Lambret. The Yamaha grand piano in the salon is very generously made available by René van Beeck, website www.pianoverhuur.nl

Along with every piece, the artists will give an explanation about the music, so listeners can appreciate it even better. The Amsterdam Salon takes place in an intimate warehouse in Amsterdam North heated by wood burners, lit by candlelight. Sommelier Dominique Corver of Waterloowijn serves wines that are selected to match the music, and can be drunk during the concert. After the show, everyone is invited to stick around and participate in the jam session, in which the artists improvise, sight-read new classical pieces, jam jazz pieces, or even cite poems.

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Salon #8

Papaverweg 18B

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Donations for the salon are always welcome, on
NL28 RABO 0181 0886 57, Stichting Rosanne Philippens